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Linux Dedicated Support
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I want to host Arma 3 Servers, but it only supports Windows Servers currently.
Is there any chance that the support for Linux is soon given?

Sorry for my bad english

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does not matters
we got no informations about it (as far as i know) so as more duplicate the more those clowns who think their game dont currently need linux server binaries mention that WE the community NEED linux server binaries (the other solution is that BI is buying me the server license of windows. I also would be fine with that solution but ... yeah)

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They said in the SITREP that they're working on it.
Last sentence.

So it does matter :D

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Not a duplicate of Bug #5816, as Bug #5816 deals with the client side package.

Duplicate of Bug #10980

close issue, has been resolved

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Resolved long ago.

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