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Aiming helicopter gun using freelook of pilot?
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In some of the modern helicopters the gun is always aimed at what the pilot/gunner is looking at. This would greatly facilitate the gameplay of a single player who has to work as both pilot and gunner without compromising too much realism.

Thanks for the awesome software!


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Only works with attack helicopters that have a fully articulated turret. In this case the blackfoot and kajiman would be capable, and it is possible but I doubt we'll see this implimented.

+1 but only for heli's with the capability in real life

I think even todays old-ass Apaches have that "headtracking" ability.

On the other hand, head movement is much faster then normal-look views and the zoomed-in "reticle" view, so it could end up messing the aiming up coz it is too fast...

Yes the apache has had this capability since its inception in alpha model.

An addon I am working on for Arma 2 has this ability so I can say from experience that yes aiming does become MUCH quicker and more responsive but trust when I say you won't be messing with the zoom all that much.

Piloting AND aiming the gun is strangely more tricky than you might think. Your flight pattern becomes much more simplistic and linear alongside with disorienting if you don't know how to read and keep an eye your instruments.

For example, say you are making a run on a group of soldiers and a light vehicle, you look out the side window for a clearer view while blasting're so focused on that attack you may not realize you banked to a point that the aircraft is no longer receiving lift and is falling on its side.

Or you lose track of your surroundings and forget about certain obstacles such as a tree, bush or hill that is ahead or around you and in a maneuver to maintain fire on your target wind up impacting.

I'd say go for it but it's certainly not a novice feature.

Fri13 added a subscriber: Fri13.May 7 2016, 3:57 PM

This is required thing. It should not be too accurate as the helmet reticle system is not there to pinpoint accuracy but to guide locking and searching.

So give it a 3-5 degree accuracy so both, pilot and co-pilot can turn head and aim with weapons.

2035 I think it would be typical that even simple miniguns/autocannons would have a small flexibility down (+10/-25 degree) and turning (+/-5 degree) what would allow them to fly over while firing at target without flying toward the target.

A targeting systems in Mi-28 (Mi-48 vehicle in game) would have cannon rotated toward target and then fired or aimed well by gunner.
Locking should happen in same manner that you look target and radar/FLIR system helps firing computer to pick that target first for locking.

Yes, it would make multiplayer games more common where a single person fly attack helicopter and fires missiles and cannon around, but that is why they are there, it is possible. But even with TrackIR system (FreeTrack, FreeTrackNoIR) looking around you don't fly and fire so well because it is too heavy multitasking and you want gunner to help you.

Oh and while on it (30 days left for release), it is stupid that if weapons are fixed that pilot does not see the aiming point while wearing TrackIR system as the HUD is integrated to pilot helmet causing serious pilots to have disadvantage over those who don't use any TrackIR systems.

Upvote, I want this as a trackIR user. I don't mind the challenge of aiming while flying and I don't want a gunner to help me because it detracts from the challenge aspect. I think it would still be simpler than doing what I do currently which is funnel maneuvering things with the gun.

izaiak added a subscriber: izaiak.May 7 2016, 3:57 PM

+1 voted but only on a realistic way.