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"Slicing the pie" near impossible, invisible outer wall edge.
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(1) When slicing the pie near cover, most if not all objects have something blocking the bullet's path when fired from a weapon when close to a wall. This makes battle more unrealistically difficult and un-immersive for trained players due to a large portion of the character's body being exposed when firing from cover. When firing from a position close to the wall or object and the barrel is clear of the corner (this is true for all weapons) the bullet is caught by an unseen part of the corner. (2) This is also true for the tops of objects and on all sides, blocking a bullet from reaching the intended target and instead hitting the invisible portion of the target's cover.


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(1) Fire from cover near the edge of the object used as cover. (2) Fire at a targets cover near the side or top where a portion of the character is exposed.

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Up voted, the player cannot shoot through the slots in the closed hatches on the Military Cargo Post towers, you have to leave them open to shoot through them.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:56 PM

Most object that would be used as cover do this, it really defeats the purpose of taking cover and having so many different stances- all null and void due to this problem

Eugune added a subscriber: Eugune.May 7 2016, 3:56 PM

Up voted too! Please fix this issue! If not, the different stances are useless.

Up voted, already tried to explain it in my ticket long time ago, but could not find appropriate words. This really needs to go away.

Up voted, for ^^ reasons.

+1. Tried to shoot through a window while crouching. The result? My rounds were exploding in front of my face. And, the other day, I tried to shoot through a banister. Big mistake. No penetration. Stopped by invisible barrier.

Are you sure the barrel of the gun is not colliding with the object? A common mistake is assuming the bullet is launch from the sight and not the barrel.

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/Down voted
No issues, just need to realize that the bullets come out of the barrel

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Being unable to fire through windows is one thing and as far as I know the collision inside buildings is very accurate.

Outside is a different story. And many objects behave similar, rocks in particular.

You don't understand, please try to reproduce the problem first before implying that people are too oblivious of a weapon's barrel being obstructed.

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Yep, you need bigger hole from where to shoot than where you just see trough, bullets really fly from lower than your aimpoint. Throw away optics and especially don't shoot trough reflex sight on optics but use iron sights at that moment.

And when you are "slicing the pie", you are not suppose to be near corner but standing about 1.5-2m from it if just possible.

There is still a small bug like the guard posts hatches have invisible barrier. But are they simulated that there would be a armored glass? (I don't think so)
Anyways, bullets does not fly trough them what makes them safe way to observe enemy movements without risk being shot.

If there are any objects which stop the bullets on an incorrect firegeometry (i.e. invisible above or next the object), the exact object needs to be reported and fixed.

For this ticket I assume this is due to bad aiming (i.e. only sights are above obstacle, not the barrel). Open a new ticket with the problematic object if there are any.