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Lip syncing does not occur with .lip file
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I created a couple of sound files and successfully set them up in a mission. I am able to "playSound" them, as well as use the "say" command to get a unit to produce the sound. I also used Wave2Lip along with 16bit mono .wav versions of the sounds to generate .lip files for use in lip syncing.

The lip syncing does not occur, although the .lip files appear to have been generated successfully and the sound does play.


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Make a .lip file along with a sound and command a unit to "say" the sound.

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Looking elsewhere, I found other references to this issue dating back to March of this year, but I never saw any kind of solution. I am using the BIS Tools that I downloaded for use with Take On Helicopters and Arma 2, so if wave2lip was updated for a forthcoming new version of the tools this may be a moot issue.

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this was brought up in the forums recently as still broken.

I was able to observe that the characters lips will tweak-out -very- briefly at the end of the sound generated with say or say3d with a lip file (same sound/lip works fine with kbtell)

-using wavtolip included with a3

You need to use KB functions. Say commands are outmoded now.