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Weapon sway
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The weapon sway is a bit overdone, particularly after releasing the breath.

I know it's a feature but it should be easier to align the sight on targets.

Finally, when lying in prone position the aim should be really steady!



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Agreed. The "weapon sway" problems/bugs destroy much of the enjoyment lately.

I wish this feature could be toggled on/off in the realism settings. Especially given how many times people have complained about problems with this feature recently.

I think the complaints will get worse if the weapon sway problems are not addressed by release next month.

The weapon sway feature alone may cause me to stop playing this game, and I've been playing this series since it was called "Operation Flashpoint" back in the good old days.

especially with pistols!!!

This is how you fix it. (see link below)

<knock, knock, BIS, you here?> Watch how it's done . . . you should do THIS and/or HIRE the guy who programmed this ASAP:

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Duplicate of #5209.