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"Look Out of Window" for common vehicles
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Press a button to move face to 5cm from window in order to look out of the window ie a new perspective so when you are inside a vehicle you will either have "Sitting in vehicle" perspective or "Looking out of window" perspective

3rd person gives too much awareness and 1st person gives too little


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Numpad 7, 4, 1, 9, 6 and 3. Have a look at those.

dude r u serious? that just does what holding alt does

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And what exactly did you want?

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What? Do you mean like sticking your head out the window or....?

i mean like putting your face closer to the window in order to be able to see more outside as you would IRL

as in you press a keybinding and your character switches to actually looking through the window

i honestly dont care how good/bad it looks i just want the functionality of it so more people will play in 1st person

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Press alt to look around. Get Track IR for realism.

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I think he means 6dof, like what the little birds have.

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Maybe you should be able to move your view around a little.
From side to side using the lean (Q and E) keys.
Up and down using stance adjust (Ctrl+W and Ctrl+S).
I think up and down is the most important. When cresting a hill for example you cannot see what is in front of you, you can't even see the hood of your vehicle.
When looking out of the smaller side window your view is also very limited.

Two or three different 'stances' would be useful here.

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