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Transition from healthy to dead
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Right now when you hit a unit it looks like he just got a hiccup and continue like nothing happened until he eventually drops because you gave him his second dose...

We really need some kind of transition...something that tells you "yes it seems he's been hit by your bullet and he's not in a good shape anymore" ;-)

Make it fall or something and then decrease drastically it's ability to return accurate fire please.

Depending on the severity of the injury he/we should immediately loose consciousness and die shortly after if not patched up.



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Didn't DayZ have such a system? I don't know, never played it, but from the vids I've seen you get knocked out and lose blood.
/upvoted, but it's probably already reported

not it, he... god that was hard to read.
Anyway, upvote. Verrry good idea it is extremely annoying when i have shot someone five times with a pistol and they come at me like the terminator with their rifle and one shot me... it means the element of surprise can have no use to those without a rifle...

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Sorry for my horrible English grammar. It's obviously not my first language.

Corrected as best as I could...hope it's better now.

thank you very much for the grammar change, this means your point will get across much clearer than otherwise.

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