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AI cannot be forced to sprint using forceSpeed or setSpeedMode
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Using either forceSpeed or setSpeedmode, you cannot force an AI unit to sprint to a target (e.g doMove command)

This would be helpful for custom AI cover systems and similar events.

Implement another parameter for setSpeedMode:
_unit setSpeedMode "SPRINT";

Which will make the AI unit sprint until its fatigue runs out, where it will switch to "FULL".


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I just tested:
_unit forceSpeed 20;
_unit doMove _pos;

with _unit integrated in a group with speedMode "AUTO" with success.
The unit was originally following the leader formation at 15 (normal run), with forceSpeed i got it to turn about and increase it's speed to 20, the unit won't make the whole path at that speed depending on turns.

But i agree with the facility to set it with setSpeedmode too. Up voted.

Almost a year and this still hasn't been fixed? Has anyone figured out a work around to force AI to sprint?

Wondering about this myself, main purpose would be to have sprinting civilians, right now they're just doing some calm jogging while it's raining 155mm shells near them...

This issue does not exist when AI carry weapons to my knowledge

Check out this video where I attempt to apply gammadust's method to an AI without a gun.