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Suppressors are too silent which is unrealisitc
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In real life suppressor dont silence weapon as much as it is in Arma now because suppressors are mainly for reducing the sound JUST A LITTLE BIT as well as reducing the muzzle flash. This confuses the enemy about where the shot came from.

It's just doesn't feel right to hear how silent guns become when supressor is mounted!


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Apply supressor to any weapon and try shooting
To make sure that muzzle flash it too bright, try this at night.

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People, please, research first before voting down, ask any military spec op if you know anyone, if silencers exist, so they will look at you like on a COD fan, with both eyes out and mustache falling off!

Back up your words when talking. The word is widely used, within military as well. It's what they call "colloquially known as".

U.S. ATF calls them "silencers":

In this case, who gives a damn about Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, this doesn't have any sh*t to do with the military :D

My point was, that they can't be called silencers!

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"fake & gay" in the tags ? really T-Bone ? really ?

That's why the ATF is (political) incorrect in the first place. They do NOT silence anything. Governments do not really represent the unbiased people when it comes to "murder death kill" weaponry.

Point is, the term is coined. Soldiers are calling M4 a "rifle" and a "gun", even though the correct technical term is "automatic carbine" (which is also arguable). And the fact that some people do call the device "silencer" and some do not, does not change the fact that it has a pretty fixed and determinable sound reduction - in the range of 15-30db. Alas, being anal about some word won't change the facts. Is there proof that the sound reduction in the game is i.e. 40db instead of 20?

We had this topic in several threads already so there is no point in discussing nomenclature.

The designation should not be named after what people like to call things. I'd call ArmA 3 a casual shooter, although it should be called a military simulation. Some people won't feel good about ArmA being just another shooter.

So let's keep it correct and call those things suppressors and ArmA 3 a military simulation for the casual shooter game player.

You've misread the ticket. It's not about names. It's about how by some twisted logic wrong name means wrong sound levels.

Whatever you call it - the ticket is not legit unless proof is provided in the form:
Ingame suppressor - Real life counterpart - Ingame sound reduction - Real sound reduction.

You want to get it real - do some real job, not some ArmA vs. some abstract "casual shooter" comparison.

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Well, I guess a part of the problem is the fact that sounds in general drop thier db-level too quickly.
Like here:

@DarkWanderer: If you read one of the other suppressor related tickets, you would not answer in that way. But hey, reading is for professionals :D

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hi have tested the muzzle flash whit the silencer and without the silencer and y see no difference this need to be change.

@ThePredator: Was it an attempt to offend me? If it was, sorry, it was too plain dumb.

People who use "it's not CoD" argument like a club to clobber whatever they do not like are not better than any game fans, in fact. Even worse, actually - they have this false sense of excellence "because they play a milsim".

IRL suppressors aka silencers are assumed to give 20 to 30 decibel reduction of peak sound pressure. This means 100 to 1000 times decrease in peak levels. Give me a solid data proving otherwise or screw off.

No DarkWanderer, there is no need to offend people. It was a sarcastic joke. Too many tickets about suppressors, so people stop reading, because most posts are either irrelevant or wrong. I was referring to sound levels of real suppressed vs unsuppressed weapons and they can be implemented 1:1 in-game. Drop-off distance can be scaled to the island.

The issue with suppressors (we Germans call them moderators in certain professions) is the realism and the false assumptions, not just by players (how should they know better?) and game developers. Basically you could substitute player by "public" and game developers by "entertainment industry or government".

They do not know about the true specs of a suppressor or don't want people to know.

There is no magic behind a suppressor but they are still stigmatized as being evil.

I am not sure why the developers went down that road. They should know better by doing VBS and working with real military units for that matter.

If it is for "balancing" reasons, we don't have to try changing things, because this game won't be a simulation then.

Devs are too lazy again!