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access set ReadAndCreate for cfgRecoils in core config causes various problems
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1 - ReadAndCreate: only adding new class members is allowed

Discussed this already for TKOH Rearmed with Hozki and he forwarded the problem to programmers, yet unfortunately hasn't been addressed since.

Problems are:

  • recoil definitions aren't added to cfgRecoils
  • recoil definitions aren't modified
  • in certain, unclear, cases weapons have no recoil at all on those config conflicts {F21264} {F21265} {F21266}


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Steps To Reproduce

Run AiA with CO in A3:

  1. Make a config dump of cfgRecoils (run attached mission) to rpt and compare vs plain A3. Notice the missing definitions and faulty modifications.
  1. Play different scenarios in SP/MP, switch weapons, use save-load. In some cases weapons will no recoil at all.
Additional Information

You find both complete cfgRecoils for A3 and CO attached. Best use a diff tool to compare.
The // commented lines at the bottom are the ones actually used by A3 weapons.
The # hash tagged lines in both files are the ones used by CO weapons.


Two solutions I can see:

  1. Set access=0 in core configs
  2. Remove all non A3 recoil definitions from a3\weapons_f\config.cpp/cfgRecoils and make sure A3 weapons have new/unique names (_F tagged).

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I have adjusted the access, it should be available in dev version probably tomorrow. Could You, please, take a look then and let me know if there is any further issue? Thanks a lot.

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