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No communication between differents AI groups
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In Arma differents groups can't communicate directly, just ask support with a team or many with scripted mission. It's a lack, when differents teams have the same objective that they can't sync movement, attack or communicate on danger ( fire on a team ). Groups leaders have to work together to be more efficients.

Now when you lost your team medic or you are the last survivor of your team, you're alone, impossible to call a medic from another team.

Add in communication system a key ( like a combination key with Ctrl, shift ) to communicate with anothers groups, and possibility to groups leaders to communicate together, like the side channel in MP.

Another thing, add differents ranks to groups leaders, like in real life, to let the highest rank group leader lead an attack to sync it.


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I believe in A2, if you marked yourself as "injured" (radio 5-4, I believe), then squad leaders from other groups would order their medics to help you, if they grew aware of you.

I didn't experience that in A2, but in A3 like in showcase Combined Arms impossible. Maybe I'm wrong...

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I really don't know why someone would downvote this.

I'm keeping my self neutral for now, reason:

Internal group target "sharing" is already unrealistic and originating problems, unless the issue of this OP is looked at taking this point into consideration (check - or we're in for additional trouble ... I advise a great deal of caution, the other issue should be sorted out with priority imo.

The issue you want to show is for the detection, it's a problem since OFP, mine is more on the communition between different groups.

Well Pluto74..i believe this is doable ( this feature exists long time ago
in ASR_AI mod) -and if i m not mistaken in SLX mod too-..
Every unit who has "Radio" item when spots an enemy..the information passes to
other Groups around a radius defined by user (Default 500m)
I upvoted tho..but i believe making this as default behavior of AI may cause
problems for some mission makers who want a 'specific' difficulty in their mission..and NOT a normal behavior (comms between groups)

^^ stressing the default behaviour considerations mentioned by Giorgy...

One way out of remaining doubts could be to activate native intergroup communication (and target sharing) only under the condition of High Command module being activated in the mission (if it is implemented for A3 as it appears it will), this could translate to functionality brought by the module itself. The functionality is easily implemented with scripts (loosing the scripting control over how this happens is actually where I lay my worries).

btw the command to let other groups know about other group's targets is the reveal command.

Also take a look on another ticket I made about sync action of AI when you're team leader.