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Can't connect on multiplayer since 02.08.2013
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Hello all!
I cannot connect to some servers since the 2nd of august. Specially to the Hi-A3 server running Sector Control, which is what I mostly play.
I do manage to get into the lobby and choose sides and soldier class, but then after that it downloads mission file and freezes in the map screen with the small server welcome window in the center. When I do CTRL-ALT-DEL and go to desktop, I have an error window saying that Arma-3 has closed.
I have read other reports of other people and apparently it has something to do with Battleye!?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi, payback

Yes, you're correct. New BE Client is being worked on to fix this issue.

It's seems like it has something to do with Windows VISTA and Battleye.

The only thing you can do at the moment is to play on NON Battleye Servers.


PS - Report Related to 0012237

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