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Missing Event Handler "RadarLockOn"
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Suggestion to add an Event Handler to detect if something ( Titan launcher with AA Missles) is trying to lock on a Vehicle ( Event that fires on the "Orange" Radar Warning), in addition to the Event "IncomingMissile" ("Red" Radar Warning).


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Event "RadarLockOn"
Triggered when a guided missile try's to lock on the target.
Passed array: [unit, ammo, whoLocksOn]
unit: Object - Object the event handler is assigned to
ammo: String - Ammo type that was fired on the unit
whoLocksOn: Object - Object that try's to lock on with the weapon

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i believe this is a current work arround atleast for arma2.
check the arma3 config file

//-- author benny - auto dump flares on locked aircraft.

Private ["_flarecount","_missile","_vehicle"];
_vehicle = _this select 0;
_missile = _this select 1;

if (alive _vehicle && (getPos _vehicle) select 2 > 5) then {
_isActive = _vehicle getvariable "FlareActive";
_type = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _missile >> "AirLock");
if ((_type == 1) && (! _isActive)) then {

		private ["_flarecount"];
		_vehicle setVariable ["FlareActive", true];
		if ((driver _vehicle) == player) then {_vehicle vehicleChat "WARNING: incomming missile!"};
		_flarecount = _vehicle getVariable "FlareCount";
		if (_flarecount > 0) then {
			_this Spawn CM_Spoofing;
			for [{_i=0}, {_i<8}, {_i=_i+1}] do {
				[_vehicle] Call CM_Flares;
				sleep 0.3;
		_vehicle setVariable ["FlareActive", false];


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