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Requesting text 2 speech capability
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To create more immersion it would be great if mission creators could get the tool of text to speech conversion. This would be a simple and effective way to breath some life into your characters with little performance and traffic hit.

Good examples that can even be licensed are:

Anybody to support this?


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Sure you can use your own voice and record vocal files, upload them and script them into your missions. But only a small percentage of mission creators will do so and it will increase traffic.

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It would end up sounding retarded. Just listen to the links you've posted.
/didn't vote

Totally for it. Ok it wouldn't be great for screaming 'fire in the hole', but for the message, like 'you're next objective is to go to the lighthouse', I think it is perfect...

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granted would be helpful, but licencing that stuff is really expensive. there are more urgent issues to put money in for me

I know this is a very old ticket - but with the huge improvements in TTS over the years the ability to parse text to the Windows or preferably inbuilt A3 TTS engine and integrate the audio output into Arma3 audio would be great and add a lot to the game via personalization etc. unit names and commands and other custom text could then be scripted and played back via this process etc. Lots of applications.