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Several animations in DayZ which have counterparts in ARMA which are not being used
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So far in the DayZ Standalone we have seen some animations that look like they have a counterpart in ARMA like the limp when wounded that was in Virtual Battlespace 2 and in the A2 Mod version of DayZ there was the running vault/roll again in VBS2, and already in the animation viewer of A3. If it is there why not use it? it can only be useful and it would be nice if you did improve the medical system and you added the limping animation/other wounding animations.


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The point I am trying to get across is that DayZ is getting features people have been asking for in the ARMA series which do have animations within the game that are not used and this post is designed to ask if we can get them.

As DayZ's development goes on and more features with relatable animations are shown I will update the post.

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Let me just make this clear so certain foolish people do not misunderstand, I am not asking for this game to become DayZ I just hate it how features are being added to it which ARMA 3 could use.

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Upvoted only for the wounded walking animation.

What not the running vault that is already in the games animation files?

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"running vault"

In this jump, does the soldier support his weight with his arm while he is jumoing over the obstacle like here or does the soldier just jump over like here ?

The first one is okay, the second one...

It looks like the second one as far as I recall I may be wrong.

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The limping and vaulting were nice I agree. I also like you posted a note to emphasize that you were suggesting the inclusion of animation rather than turn it into DayZ...because it's sad that many people would have jumped on you for daring to mention dayZ.

I made the jump animation work here:
Mabey I can make the other animations work as well. Just tell me the classname and what it does. I could easily add in the limping animation when you get shot in the leg.

There animations for jumping off a helicopter into water! I would like to here from BIS what will happen with the animations and how many will be used.

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You call that a realistic jumping script, but did you see how high that soldier jumped? I can't jump that high even when I'm naked (not that I tried...).

Thanks for mentioning the diver drop ProGamer and also I did check out your mod but it would be nice for it just to be included in the main game.

I can't find the limping animation. What is it called and were in the animation viewer is it?

I am pretty confident I saw it back in Alpha?

So far it looks like the DayZ Standalone is seeing and getting many of the features people have requested for the ARMA series since OFP which is just rage inducing.

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No no he means where is it in the Animation Viewer, and as far as I know it was the same animation used in VBS2 which is different to DayZ's.

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