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Dead bodys need a quick overlook
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If you look at the dead bodys you will will notice that they hold their hands open in an extreme unrealistic way.

Go ahead and try to relax your own hand for a moment.
You will notice that your hand will stay in a somewhat closed position.

Dead bodys should hold their hands in somewhat the same position and not opened like they wanted to wave at somebody;)

Also - I dont know if the next suggestion is possible but its a nice to have if it can be done - overwork the joints of the dead bodys so they dont fall like some exorcism^^ I think you know what I mean - I just find it hard to explain in other words:P

If you adjust these two things, then the dead bodys will finally fit in the immersion again and dont keep on looking like mature dolls^^

Best regards!!


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Yeah, if you shoot a guy, he falls on the floor like he has no muscles or a skeleton. Look wierd :D

Thing is: If the he holds the hand like that when "falling dead" he needs to have EXTREME TENSION in his hands^^

Its tiering to holds the hands like that^^

Here's a very clear demonstration, not only on the problem related to the hands, but the soldier's skeleton in general:

yeah ragdolls in this game arent pretty. i still hope bohemia is planning to tweak it. until then i recommend using improved ragdoll physics by ddefinder. i think they look much more realistic. the only problem is that when you shoot someone while hes crouching he jumps up. but i hope its going to be fixed in the future version. still i would prefer official ragdolls done by bohemia rather than a mod. it seems they dont really care much about ragdolls. or at least i havent seen much improvement with the updates

There is a lot of these "fix the rag doll hand" posts lately. But anyway, vote up because this had been bugging me for ages now.

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Yes - I must agree. +1

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Tragicomic ragdolls do break the immersion. I don't mind the occcasional weird poses that much, but the fingers... oh man.
I hope it can and will be fixed somehow.

Dupe of #9688.