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Air lifting/ paradrop vehicals
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I don't see this feature being added to the game until more air units are added but essentially the addition would allow for the larger helicopters to move ground vehicles around the battlefield. This would allow for vehicle to be extracted for repairs and returned to the field quickly.

Another aspect would be para-dropping vehicles from cargo planes like the C130. This was a feature I was sad not to see in ArmA 2 as it would allow for units to be dropped in with vehicles. Another point onto this would be to allow ammo boxes loaded and dropped with a parachute.


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I understand that in ArmA 2 there were numerous scripts that allowed for vehicles to be dropped via parachutes and the same goes for ammo crates, but if this was a default function in the game. This would make map making for those who are not good at scripting the ability to still have a dynamic mission.

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Didn't they say this was being added to Arma 3? If they don't then that's disappointing.

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Isn't such a thing already functional, alongside fastroping, in Take on Helicopters? I'd love to see it brought to Arma 3 along with the other few ToH features.

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I think the devs are going to implement ToH flightmodel into ArmA 3 correct me if i'm wrong

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0010014 and 0010016 !

It was a function in ACE, but I haven't seen anything about it in ArmA 3. I know there is a way to do it with script, but I'm terrible with script. I personally hope they add more stuff for the infantry-helicopter interaction, especially with the new buildings on altis that would be perfect for teams to fastrope onto the roofs of and clear from the top.

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Closing as duplicate.