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Improved jet damage model
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I know full well that jet haven't been implemented yet, but I, and several others that I know the jets, unlike in Arma 2 have a better damage model, similar to that of helicopters. The model in Arma 2 features one component for the jet, the "hull". It doesn't have to be too in depth, but it would make jet combat far more interesting. With the helos so well fleshed out, it just seemed like they were lacking in Arma 2, so I and many others, I'm sure would very much like to see planes given a similar treatment. Regards.


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the arma 2 jet damage model was pretty much the same as in ArmA 1

Yep. It'd be nice to see some kind of innovation.

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Duplicate of Bug #10634, "Overall visuall improvement request: Realistic damage."