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pistols do as much damage as a BB Gun
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pistols in my opinion do far less damage than IRL

a pistol could actually kill you in 1 shot depending where you were hit
i have done some tests and this is what i have come up with.

  • head = 4 rounds to kill (shocking)
  • body = 5 rounds to kill (not impressed)
  • arms = 6 rounds to kill
  • legs = 9 rounds to kill

i used the P07 9 mm in this test and stood basically point blank range.


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place blufor soldier
place civilian infront of you with the following INIT line codes
this disableai "move"; this setunitpos "up"

and carry out your tests like i have done.

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IMHO i think this is far to FPS call of duty for me.
a bullet to the head... ermmm YOUR DEAD! not 4 bullets... who does he think he is 50 cent?

tested on latest dev build
DATE - 4-8-13

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Were you using a silencer?

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with or without a silencer, a bullet at point blank is fatal, period.
(except some lucky guys who get superficial damage)

Yes, I know that, just the pistols' power in A3 is significantly decreased with a suppressor.

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Discounting body armour pistol should at least as much damage as rifle at close range. Both 9mm and .45 ACP are both too weak. This weakness also extends to SMGs. Head shots without helmet should always be fatal and 1-2 rounds to torso.

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but he ran the test with civilians

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pistol test was made without silencer and to a civilian not a soldier.
i have tried with a soldier and no different was found.

whose actually downvoted this?

That's strange, when I used a pistol, I forget if it was suppressed, on an Iranian soldier, helmet and armor and all, it only took 2 headshots.

Not that I don't agree that pistols feel too weak, it just seems odd.

Pistols are useless as they are now.

I agree that shots into body armor should not be crucial but a shot to the head should allways be. At least if you are shooting from the front so the helm is not in the way

I followed your steps to reproduce with the latest dev build. For me its:

1-2 head
3 torso
7 arms
10-16 legs (I got the feeling that the leg-hitbox is buggy which leads to those huge varieties)

This result makes me wonder why a shot to the arm is more lethal then to a leg.

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Looks very dramatically...
Fix it please

You must be playing on easy if it takes you 4 head-shots to kill anyone.

Test 1

Head: 1
Helmet: 1
Neck: 1
Torso (Vest): 4
Torso: 3
Arms: 5
Thigh: 8
Calves: 12
Feet: 12

Test 2

Head: 1
Helmet: 1
Neck: 1
Torso (Vest): 5
Torso: 4
Arms: 5
Thigh: 5
Calves: 11
Feet: 6

Test 3

Head: 1
Helmet: 1
Neck: 1
Torso (Vest): 5
Torso: 3
Arms: 5
Thigh: 12
Calves: 5
Feet: 4

Blake added a comment.Aug 19 2013, 7:58 PM

3-4 shots to torso are simply too many without vest at close range. Low penetration against body armor and inaccuracy should be the weaknesses of pistols, not their lack of stopping power at close range.