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Using F to switch to grenade launcher = a bad day for everyone
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Too many times I've used F to switch back to semi-auto mode only to find that I was using the grenade launcher, sometimes with fatal results to either me or my innocent teammates. I have three suggestions I think would solve this issue:

  1. Assigning a different key for switching to the grenade launcher.
  2. Changing the grenade launcher representation on the upper-right corner to something different to the semi-auto's.
  3. Having a different button entirely dedicated to firing the grenade launcher. This might not be the best idea since not everyone has extra buttons on their mouse.


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I understand that the crosshair can give away weather I'm using the grenade launcher or not, but some people would rather play without the crosshair, you see?

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One of those design decisions I never really understood,
Really stupid decision IMO, should be changed to a dedicated key.

this was annoying me the first time I played Grenadier role. should be changed!

suggestion: "F" toggle firemode, "ctrl+F" switch to grenade launcher.

<i>*edit* changed "strg" (german) with "ctrl". sorry for the confusion.</i>

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I'm sorry, what layout are you using? I don't have this "strg" key.

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strg = crtl

Yeah its really unintuitive. Could be shift+1/2/3/4 for weapon switches. 1 - pistol. 2-rifle ( change firemodes with f) 3- grenade launcher 4- AT launcher. Considering the UI fades it gets tedious safety-switching firemodes just to see what mode youre using and then you have to recycle through the modes to get back where you were again.

I think they could experiment with the shortkeys now that they have diffrent keybind profiles, so if some want to stick to old one, they could.

yeah, this hassle needs to go. Since on a rifel it's not a firemode but a different trigger i'd go with option no. 1: Seperate button for the tube.
(Now we only have to figure out what button istn't already assigned thrice XD)
Still 1Up

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Duplicate of #2047.