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More Skydiving Mobility! -----> Its To Clunky At The Moment!!
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With infantry on the ground having increase mobility on the ground, skydiving got left out even though you far more maneuverable while skydiving! You are forced in a flat and slow position for skydiving. You should be able to be in different position while you freed all because right now your a falling brick with a parachute.

To get an idea of what this would be like, think helicopter controls only your constantly free-falling. You would use the WASD as the default keybind. {F21224} {F21225} {F21226} {F21227} {F21228} {F21229} {F21230} {F21231}


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The position you take while freefalling can affect your falling speed and the distance you can travel. If your back is facing the ground, you must first reposition it towards the sky again so you can deploy your parachute.

BIS might have to use there Animation capture studio for when you point yourself headfirst, your arms go to your side and the "Standing upright" Position.

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The human body is more maneuverable while skydiving than on the ground in real life, this should be the case in Arma 3! Please make Arma 3's skydiving as fun as it is in real life (or at least like I suggested!) :)

Why the downvote? You like being locked in a noob proof, easy mode, and no fun sky diving animation?

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No need all you described but yes to little bit more maneuvers. Upvoted.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:50 PM

Yea, I want to take a car with me!

I remember once in a mission I made an improvised bomb by attaching a car to a helicopter. :D

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I am a military parachutist and civilian skydiver - have not seen any use of freefly in military so far. This is a military simulator, not a simulator of a free fall. Your first purpose as a military parachutist is to infiltrate as safely as possible to the exact spot with as much equipment and weapons as you need. There are other things which need to be fixed - cargo and oxygen while HALOing/HAHOing and crazy flying envelope of the parachute ingame. Possible use of different positions to simulate exit of the aircraft and relative wind. Another thing is to change attack angle like in real jump or ascend or descend rate.

The use is controlling your descent rate and finding a suitable landing site.

matkob added a comment.Aug 4 2013, 9:37 PM

What you said is the purpose of the parachute, not of the infiltration technique itself. Moreover finding suitable landing side while on parachute is really irresponsible. The landing site should be chosen prior to infiltration. Imagine that you are at night with NVGs carrying 30 or more kg under your belly or in between your thighs plus weapons, jumping from more than 6 km. First you need to exit the platform, stabilize your free fall with all that stuff, keep an eye of the others from the group, preferably keep the group compact while in free fall, at the proper altitude separate the group in free fall, open the chute, follow the leading chute to the proposed drop zone (obviously not every time it has to correspond with a map), keep the altitude and space separation mid air between parachutes, land safely in the same spot as the others and do not make noises. Now, I would like to see the expert to think about freefly.

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If you're going to suggest ideas then you should use photo's or videos of military, not civilian. Far different ruleset, civilians do it for the hell of it and only wear what is necessary..once they land they can get up and walk away where.

Military is far more strict, as mentioned by matkob you are carrying MUCH more because you depend on it to survive, you're not doing it for a fun activity, you're doing it because it's the quickest way in. Compare how the difference of how much a paratrooper wears vs the civilians in those photo's, factor in the G forces and weight, you might decide you don't want to move around a whole lot.

At least the least you have this at most you have this along with it

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