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[Feature Request] Module (Live Feed- Set Source) should set "target" default as what source sees, not the player
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In the current state the live feed module has plenty of potential, but seems under-developed.

Specifying a target should only seem necessary in very niche cases, as many times one simply wants to invoke Live Feed PiP to see what another NPC "sees". Instead if a target is not specified, the camera feed seems to use the player as a "default" target.

If this was changed to allow the default target as whatever was in the "source" NPC's field of view (eg: First Person NPC "helmetcam" in lieu of the floating camera), immersion would be enhanced greatly.


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There has been enough demand for this feature to be implemented that others have begun work on mods to meet the demand.

Here is an example of such a helmetcam mod working in the Arma III environment.

It appears to be easy to implement, and would be a VERY welcome addition to "Vanilla" Arma.

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