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Different caliber damages
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The 6.5mm Katiba feels overpowered, while I refuse to pickup or use any 5.56 weapon anymore. They simply can not kill anything. Why is this ? A 5.56 WILL kill a person if shot at from 20 meters.

Same thing with the 9mm pistols, you need a good 6-8 shots to kill someone. 3-5 IN THE HEAD. AT CLOSE RANGE ? One or two should be enough.

With the hit registration and netcode this game has, these are a problem and you cant kill anything with these 2 types of weapons.


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You have extended armor on? Are you wearing body armor.

Tested when firing at a fully kitted enemy, head and torso. 5.56mm and 9mm feel like pellet guns

Was extended armor on?

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What's extended armor?

Extended armor allows more damage to be taken.

What is it? A difficulty option?

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to be fair with him, 9mm does feel like firing with an airsoft gun

You only need one shot to the head to kill, even with a pistol:

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