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Combat Pace and Auto-Run Off by Default
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Please Bohemia Interactive, I would very much like the option to have Auto-Run and Combat Pace off by default since ArmA 2.

Please make that be an ->option<- in the game options.

Thank you.


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I much rather prefer pressing W to walk, then press my other key to run, not the other way around.

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Everytime I start a mission, I have to press W+S and Cx2 in order to get my soldier to move the way I want, which is very annoying if you're testing a mission.

You have three base movements, the walk, combat pace and run. You should be able to set one of these as your default and toggle/hold keys to do the others.

Please read what I stated above. Doing that in the beginning of every mission is annoying, and very repetitive if you're testing a mission.

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