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Chatbox Interface - Interact-able (Feature Request )
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Can we get a better chat box UI? the one we have works but i think it should serve more purpose and functionality. Currently we can't interact with it and having to use pageup/pagedown to view history is sorta a secret no one knows about.

Should also be able to hide it or at least minimize it, move it, possibly have tabs on it to click to show certain channels.

Example below: of course it obviously don't need to be textured like this but it's just sort of a functionality example.


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It should also have a filter option that hides system/server messages (ie: player connecting, player disconnected and useless server messages)

all example images posted i will add in the ticket

When your chat type box is open ("/" by default) press page up/page down to scroll chat history.

Also when chat type box is open pres up/down arrow keys to swap channels, I use this and unbind the "," and "." keys so I never accidentally swap channels when opening map.

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Are you sure "/" is to open the chat by default? I have it default and it's "-" for me.

It is for me, but what ever key opens the type box.

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