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The need of BLUE FORCE TRACKING-like technology in the game.
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In real life, there are military's that employ the use of a sort of GPS system and the first that comes to mind is the one that the USMC/US Army use which is called the 'BLUE FORCE TRACKER' (comes by some other names too) they have been using them in vehicles like Strykers and Humvees since 2008, it is 2035 in the ARMA-VERSE and yet we have no technology like it. You have the perfect chance to incorporate these kinds of things into vehicles which simply show the position of friendly units on a map (with some extra information like possibly what that unit contains, etc.) It greatly improves tactical game play.


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Hell you could even do the 'Landwarrior' system with the tactical glasses where if you are wearing them and you look at a unit, it would tell you information about them at a certain range like rank, class and have helmet mounted cameras which you could activate and see on your screen as a PiP display!

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You can already look at the map to see friendly units moving and the rest of the features you mentioned sound like you want to turn it in to Call of Duty

What? You are a fool, how would it turn into CoD if I wanted to add a real piece of technology military's use today. You sound like someone new to the ARMA series. It is a lot easier to actually look at a map inside the vehicle in first person mode than having to open the map up yourself which causes the vehicle to stop. Also if you play on Expert like I normally do then friendly units or enemies are not shown so they would only be shown inside a vehicle.

@Vulcanexius they are all fools and want there Dayz game most of them kids came from Dayz they don't know what a real Mil Sim is my question is why do modders have to code markers to begin with? by far this is the most incomplete lack of features of a game engine i have ever seen in my life

an interactable GPS is the most logical idea of course player markers comes with it

I was thinking he may have came from being a DayZ player but I was not sure.

I still do not know why this was voted down? it is real technology and it is used inside of vehicles and even the fact that I have to mention this saddens me but it is not overpowered at all.

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