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With the overcast settings set to max, I often have quite nice weather (see pic)
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With the overcast settings set to max (1), I often have quite nice weather, with some blue sky with few clouds (see pic). I thought the max overcast would be some frightening very dark clouds!


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Try the overcast settings set to max. I also tried with the lightnings set to max, but no change.

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Quite nice? That isn't really quite nice. But, anyway, I get that kind of weather when I set overcast to 50-60.

What? I mean I didn't invented the pictures... And I didn't waited 10 hours for the best picture. It was a standard one.
This is what I call maximum overcast:

Has this been fixed yet?

Don't know. Can't get in the game for now...

Depending on the video settings, can be closed!

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