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Property protection !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Please please please . In some multiplayer games , you have to buy vehicles and aircrafts . You need to be able to protect it from scumbegs . Today I bought Marshal ($9000) on King of the Hill server ....yes its my fault ...I forgot to lock it . So shmak (pardon my bad English ) jumped on drivers sit ,and moved us ....right into enemy's positions , where we've got blown up by 3 AT rockets ......and I couldn't do a S&^%T . If you are owner of the vehicle you need to have KICK option . Because some people don't care if you ask them to leave.


  Please ...if you lock vehicle you cant get out from it BUT need to be able to change positions inside . (ill make separate  report about it )


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this would be down to the admin of the server not the game developers!!

and should learn to lock your vehicle.

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You should adress this issue with the person who programmed the mission, not the game as the game does actually feature sufficient methods of protecting vehicles such as the possibility of locking your vehicles or throwing people out of vehicles.

$9000 for one car sounds like a lot of money considering you could have bought the whole game on steam sale for much much less.

or with 9000 he could buy VBS?

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LOL With 9000 he could buy 4 copies of VBS2 and still have a 1000$ left.

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$ 9000 ingame money lol.... but yeh... it's a lot

I'm sorry but this is a problem with a user mission and has to be resolved by its author, not BIS. Closing the ticket.