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Grenade Launcher sights/aim (functionality/animation)
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If using the grenade launcher and you switch to aim from the unaimed state, the view shifts a bit down.

More extreme is it with zeroing, the weapon changes the position, but so does the view go down.

This should not be the case, only the gun should be repositioned, but the view should keep looking forward at all times, unless you actively move the mouse to look elsewhere.

Also there is no fluid animation, but you just snap into the zeroing. I can understand though that it cuts shorter on the sight adjusting animation when it just snaps into it, but it still could be more fluid, just a quick animation.


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Isn't it supposed to be like that to aim?


Explain, please.

You reposition the gun, and in addition to that adjust the sight in order to have the muzzle show higher, or lower to launch the grenade further or nearer. This is how it works in ArmA3, but while at that your looking direction changes abruptly with the adjustment of range, which is disorientating and kind of reasonless.

Theory is that it might serve to guess the uneven ranges. Like zeroing the GL to 400m and placing sights on target, than zero it to 300m and move the view half the way to the target to launch the grenade to 350m. I did this accurately in ArmA3, but this can be achieved without the change of view direction (which as said is disorientating), by learning how much you need to move the sight up to add additional 50m to the range (I did this in other games).

The view should always look at the same direction.

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I don't know, upvoted.

The view changes so the little red dot on the GL stays centered.

Realistically you turn the little GL holo sight on the gun counter clockwise to increase range and clockwise to reduce range. Aligning sights is not necessary as you have that red dot, but you need to look through the sight from a proper angle to see the dot, which naturally/automatically brings the rifle into the necessary position.

There is no reason why you should lower or raise your head, it is all done by hands, adjust the sight and hold the rifle according to zeroing, but you keep looking straight (or wherever you want).

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