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Handcuffs and the movement of prisoners
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I thought it would be cool to add handcuffs, or zip ties to arrest civilians, enemies, or maybe one of your own in a creative game mode. It would be a button or in the action menu to arrest person. You may have to subdue him with something else that could be added in the game at another point, and disarm him, with an action you could do (Which by the way should be added.) Then, say you want a helicopter to pick him up. A helicopter flown by AI or another person could land, and there could be an action that says, "Move Captive." Then, you will put on hand on his shoulder, and another on his hands behind his back, and you will walk to where you need to go. Then, when you get close to a vehicle, go to the action menu, and there should be an option called, "Put Captive in back." Select that, and sure enough, the captive will be in the back, and the rest is up to the player.


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     There could also be a module you can add called, "Captive Random Events," where the captive may break out of your cuffs (Can happen) or, is able to open the door of the vehicle it is in, and jump out. Or he can start to run away without even taking off his cuffs. It could really lead to some fun missions.

     EDIT: Maybe if people wanted to, there could also be a module that says, "Only MP can arrest" this is pretty self explanatory, it makes the MPs the only people who can arrest citizens or enemies, or whoever. This of course means, you need to add MPs to the game ;).

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LOWCZ added a comment.Aug 1 2013, 8:51 PM

This and female soldiers pls :D

Sometimes you have to detain civilians to prevent you or them from getting hurt in tricky scenarios.

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Pump them with morphium or shoot them in the head.

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This is a military simulator, not a police simulator.

Yes, but the west countries armies -exept in the US- are having more and more a police activity... My military service was most about police activity!

AD2001, though it is not a police simulator, the military still arrests people, like War Criminals they are able to subdue and they take people into custody if they feel they may be in danger or may be the danger. And, if any modders add police, it will save them one extra piece of work to do, (making handcuffs and arrest addons.)