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Binoculars are bit too high so they block the center view and that's why it's harder to guess where you're aiming.
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Binoculars block the center view so it's hard to predict where your aim goes when you start to watch through the binoculars. This problem occurs when you're trying to watch about on the same level where you're or lower.
When you're watching bit above the binoculars aren't anymore blocking the center view so you can predict pretty well where your aim goes before you start to watch through the binoculars
I suggest that the binoculars would be lowered little bit so it's easier to predict where your aim goes. I think they're now bit too high and block too much view and that's what causes the problem. It's also more natural IRL that you keep those binoculars little bit lower and bit tilted when you aren't watching through them. {F21147} {F21148} {F21149} {F21150} {F21151} {F21152} {F21153}


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Steps To Reproduce

This is where the problem occurs (Watch those upper level pics)

  1. Go on a hill
  2. Press B
  3. Wave your mouse a bit
  4. Now try to guess where your aim is when you're trying to look somewhere on the lower ground
  5. Watch through the binoculars (right mouse button)
  6. You'll probably aim way off where you even tried because the binoculars block the entire view.

Now lets aim from the lower ground to the higher ground. You'll see how easy it's that way and how it should be no matter is your aim low or high. (Watch those lower level pics)

  1. Go on a lower ground
  2. Press B
  3. Try to aim your binoculars to watch something on a hill or watch some nice looking cloud for example
  4. Watch through the binoculars (right mouse button)
  5. See how close you got this time
Additional Information

Lowering the hands that hold the binoculars bit and maybe tilt the front of the binoculars bit should fix this problem.

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I added that Solution picture to demonstrate what level binoculars should be. I linked it also in this note so it's easy to watch from the imgur

This is a must, the Binos should be lowered more to allow a view over them to assess your surroundings to pick a point then raise them to your eyes again..

On a side note, if your going to Vote down something, dont be shy, post your reasons for it.. as i would like to hear how this current issue benefits anyone as it is

Binocs also could be bit further way because now it feels like they are very close to your eyes.

Woo check the new dev patch! Thanks BIS!

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So this can be marked as resolved?

Well you tell us as we are presuming you have been supplied a list of all the fixes in todays DEV update and then you are expected to find the related issues and then apply. I have posted

this isnt a dig at your team of mods on here but a dig at bis for there apparent lack of communication.

Arent you the ones that should be in the know and then tell us???

Dare you to close it :P

Yes you can close this.

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