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Heli flares single flare mode isn't working
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Helicopter flares have only burst mode.Ctrl+G isn't change flare mode.
But hint in helicopter showcase tells - G for drop flares,Ctrl+G for change dropmode.
Also I saw config,there is same - CMFlareLauncher have semi and burst modes.


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This needed to be fixed in the patch 1.02. Cant understand why they didn't do it.

Can you update this info? It seems it's been assigned, but hasn't been touched since.

I would be very interested in seeing how this works. Do you increase your chances of evasion for every pair you dump?

No, it depends how you use them. I could make a video but id be forced to use Arma 2. Until they fix this. There should be a main branch update by next week, so hopefully it's fixed by than. Fingers Crossed.

The hint has been adjusted some time ago that it fits all BI-made helicopters, I just forgot to update this issue. Thanks a lot for letting us know.

Alright, ill check it out when or if it's implemented to the dev build. Thanks much!

Sorry for the fuzz, it has been fixed, but it got somehow reverted meanwhile, it should be fixed again soon :(

has this been fixed yet?

Nope, i posted it on the Feedback Administration on the Forums. Should be fixed soon hopefully. Its been almost a year now

Needs to be edited at "NOT RESOLVED" so people don't think it's fixed, when its not quite.

yes I agree. can someone do this please?

Not Resolved. Reopen!

Confirming NOT FIXED.

Still not fixed. Please, someone mark this ticket as unresolved. This is a critical issue, and needs to be addressed soon.

I have investigated it again and it seems like the correct hint is displayed in the mission now.

yes, but can the actual issue be fixed? there is still no option for semi-automatic flare dump.

^^ this.

Pettka, i believe you mis understand that we are talking about the actual function, rather than the hint on how to activate the function. What this ticket is reporting, is that ounce you try to switch firing modes, no matter what version of the "Hint" we use, it does not exist in game. I've been told that the function for this was a config bug, and could be fixed quite simply, but that was... close to a year or two since i heard that. If you could maybe change this to un-resovled until is actually been... resolved.

It is possible to configure flares that way, it should be rather easy for the community to do such mods, but the design for all vanilla A3 vehicles states that they are not going to use any different flare fire mode than burst. That is the design decision, not a bug.

why was that decision made? semi-automatic flares worked great in Arma 2, it was the default option and allowed the pilot to have much more control over their countermeasures, allowed him to decide between conservation vs. safety with how many flares he popped per missile. this is particularly relevant if MANPADS launchers are ever implemented as they were in the previous games. if a passive infrared missile is launched at an aircraft, there is often no warning, making popping a pair of flares or two after a gun run an important precautionary measure. is it a complicated thing to implement? why was it left out?

I could see this happening if it were an AI problem, in which is false, because the AI handled flares in Arma 2 with both modes available, as they do in Arma 3 without it. Not only is it not an AI problem, it's already been proven that in real life, you can pop a pair a flares other a whole handful. So it makes no sense to me. You can make a DLC to add i a realistic flight model, much choose not to include a realistic feature of aircraft that could benefit the base game. It's strange... And quite simple too, which is why i'm confused as to why it was decided oust. I mean, the only thing i can see a problem with changing the flares mode, is the sounds. It sounds like the under slug grenade launcher firing automatic. But even than, that's no reason to leave it out. But i guess decisions are decisions... GG

exactly, I don't see why this decision was made. The game was obviously designed off of the same engine as Arma 2, and I assume some portions of functionality were just copy-pasted. Why are things like better flares and more realistic wounding removed? How much harder could it possibly be to carry over another feature (like the action menu) *and* realistic flares?
And I use realistic very loosely. The chaff animation that showed up in arma 2 was removed, and in real life (at least on some aircraft), flares can be popped *one at a time*, not even in pairs.
It's perfectly fine if you guys are going to sell them back to us as DLCs. I'm fine with that. Then you can all just shut the f*ck up and take my money. I will by any and all DLCs you guys produce. But please don't just leave important features like this out of the game. We want an improvement in gameplay since arma 2, and it's definitely happening. But certain things (like the medical system and flares) that are really great features have been left out, and we need them back. Sorry for the text wall.

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