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Cannot tell AI to rearm at ammo bearer or assistant gunners nor will AI tell other AI this
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i tried a little test with the ammo bearer and other units i.e. missile specialist assistant etc...29-7-13

i noticed that when you select a unit (F2, 6, command not present to rearm or open backpack)

please check my repro and confirm the problem.
if this is fixed this can and will be very handy to have. {F21118}


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Steps To Reproduce

go to editor (stratis)
place unit i.e. blufor soldier (player)
place ammo bearer
place another soldier (ammunation bar set to 0)
click preview...

  1. running low on ammo.

when trying to give the action to that unit to rearm at the other soldier, this is not available to do. (issue)

walk to ammo bearer yourself and you can rearm or open his backpack.

Additional Information

after my little test i pressumed that the AI will not be able to do this either.
i will attach a repro mission for people to try.

this will include -

  • ammo bearer
  • missile specialist assistants
  • soldiers low on ammo and missiles.

(try commanding them to rearm)

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mission added...

save to documents folder arma 3 missions
load in editor

please confirm

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Yeah this is a problem, one of the many things to be fixxed.

question is... will it.

arma 2 this was never fixed

need this fixed, today my team runs out of ammo and i had to manually empty the ammo guys backpack content on the floor so the AI could rearm...

funny how i can access his backpack yet AI cannot

I am pretty sure you need to get the soldier into close range of the crate (actually whatever object you want to do action with), then the command should appear. At least it works for me.

I have a little trick for this, I put down magazine, move soldier to it and order him "6 -> Gear" and then I can edit his gear. But it would be better to have access on map screen in units section (I made post about it, ID: 0013888)

thanks for the insight mate but by the time i do all that my guys dead including me ;)

You have to send the AI to the target AI(the backpack wearing guy), once he's there, there will be an action Rearm at <whatever backpack>. Or you could send the backpack guy to the guy that needed ammo.

It's awkward yes, need more refinement. But for now this is how I've done it.

the only problem i have is that it doesn't tell you which backpack your ordering him to gear up to... its shocking

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+1 sometimes even when there is ammocrate nearby, Ai will go to this crate (after you gived him order to rearm from it) but will do nothing - he say ready and after he get back to formation situation will repeat - LOW AMMO, NO AMMO only way to get rid of this spam is to kill teammate

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