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ARMA3 BattlEye: Client not responding
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battleye kick me in arma3 mp since 4 days.i tried everything.Because BE dont work.
disable windows 7 security wall and antivirus {F21108}


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Hi, dragunov

can you attach your .rpt .bidmp and .mdmp files. If bigger than 2,097k please use a free hosting site and post a link to it.

BE issue is being looked into atm.

hey man i uploaded my files..thanks for help

fucking useless game get my money

lolers... same issue with me. Seems like it happens when there's lag.

why i havent help! i dont play arma3 since 90 days

that issue was resolved by BE.
if it doesn't work for you please update the BE Client from

hey dragunov

Seen your Video and it seems like your BEClient.dll is updated and you're gettin ID assigned on the server.

Try the following.

Copy Downloaded BEClient.dll to Folder %appdata%/Local/Arma 3/BattlEye

To open the AppData Folder click on Windows Start Button, type %appdata% in program search window and press enter.

It might take you to AppData/Roaming by default, if that happens just navigate back to AppData then Local, Arma 3 and BattlEye.

Let us know if it works

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Should be closed.