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Add "Fire at" waypoint
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I'll try to articulate this as best I can.

Currently in Arma most vehicles and infantry thoroughly enjoy getting quite close to the enemy or continuously moving towards them while engaging, even if they have a guard waypoint. Attack helicopters and armoured vehicles, which normally attack from quite long range in real life (several km in extreme cases) will usually keep advancing forward or in the case of helicopters, fly towards the target while firing a few rockets then go straight over it and fly off. What I'm proposing is a 'Fire at' waypoint.

This could be used, for example, to make a tank crest a hill ~2km away from a town and fire down into it. Or have an attack helicopter hover some distance away from enemy AAA while engaging it. I'll use my amazing, award winning paint skills to illustrate what I'm trying to say.

This could make missions very interesting if used properly. This could be used to have supressive fire from an MG nest. This could mainly be used to finangle the AI into doing something they would normally be too dumb to do. {F21103}


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