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You can kill the occupants of some vehicles by shooting from under the vehicle
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You can kill the occupants in the vehicle under the IFV-6C panther, strider, Ifrit and Hunter, CH-49, Marshall, GhostHawk, AH99, PO-30, Mi-48, Marid, T-100, and the M4A2 Slammer.

You can bend your screen up through the bottom of every vehicle. The only vehicle you can't look inside or shoot up inside from below is the quad. {F21099} {F21100}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place Down one of the applicable vehicles with AI inside.
  2. Place a soldier down near the vehicle.
  3. Crawl under the vehicle.
  4. Try to point your weapon up into the vehicle and shoot the occupants.
  5. You screen and weapon will go through the vehicles bottom.

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And ifrit and hunter too ...

I can confirm this ticket is valid. I tested in game and I found that there is no collision with the soldier's weapon when you climb under a applicable vehicle.

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Also happens with the newly-added T-100 and M4A2 Slammer tanks.

So then I would assume it is an issue with the artillery vehicles as well.

Artillery vehicles aren't affected, as the turrets are placed higher up and can't be reached through glitching from below. At least not from my testing with all closed ground vehicles.

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Changed issue category.

duplicate of 0002805