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Aiming without zoomed in causes the Crosshairs to jump to objects "like an aimbot"
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This is a major upset and completely wrecks fair gameplay
Aiming without zoomed in causes the Crosshairs to jump to objects "like an aimbot"


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load a test mission.

I'm gonna recommend loading yourself in town Agia Marina and go in the middle of the bridge since there is lights poles and railings there.

  1. swap to 3rd view (DO NOT ZOOM IN SCOPE MODE)
  1. scan your crosshairs for an imaginary targets slowly passing world objects as you do so. (ex poles, railings, street lights

(TA dah) a cheap hidden clumsy aimbot is discovered.

give an option to turn off aimbot

Additional Information

Thanks for making my dam crosshairs jump away from the enemy
Highly disappointed this hasn't been fixed since Alpha.

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This is working as intended, the devs made it this way to show the shooter what is blocking the barrel of his weapon.

happens when nothing is obstructed as well

btw. it's common sense if something is blocking a players barrel we don't need a clumsy aimbot to move our dam crosshairs away from the intended target

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Working as intended.

Sure, this behavior could be disabled. That would bring us back to the era of A2 where the crosshair doesn't jump but doesn't actually reliably indicate what you're aiming at in 3rd person either.

I don't want this noob special ED aimbot fake-assistance, where is the option to turn it off?

There isn't one. And please cut down on the "noob special ED aimbot fake-assistance" attitude.

im not doing no harm cut down on ur salty behavior are u power happy?

I have not harrased no one, nor threatened, or has there been any name calling

falconx1, there is no aimbot, it's just an indicator. that said I'll shut this ticket down.