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Stealth mode Ai uses crouch 90% of the time
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just like my other ticket... except stealth mode is affected not combat mode.

you will see that on stealth mode the AI crouches everywhere.

in the ticket ( there will be a mission file.

place it into the documents/arma3/missions folder and load it in the editor.
change the waypoint to stealth and click preview.


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needs to be fixed urgently.

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just like the rules... 1 bug per ticket... waste of time if u ask me

Not really sure how to look at this, this ticket was not really well organized. I kinda agree that the AI should be able to walk/jog during stealth, but stealth at this point is impossible anyways. Not gonna vote on this one.

OOO very good point lol im just saying about the constant crouching not the stealth all together by the way sorry if it was un organised that is why i linked my other ticket explaining everything saving me having to write it all twice.

Wait. This is a bug? Are they supposed to sprint? It's called stealth mode a.k.a try not to be seen. If you don't want them to crouch you put them in aware. They are obviously working on and improving the AI, as they used to use bounding movements in stealth.

well its just like my other ticket im explaining that they only use 1 fucking stance...

im not calling MI5 to investigate.

i dunno about you but in stealth i wouldnt want to keep crouched all the time you would get cramps and knees would stiffen up making you run like a chicken

Well the AI has to make up for being retarded with knees of rubber.

Blame the arthritis on the guy making AI stay in stealth mode for the entire mission :P

Anyway it's probably a WIP. We'll see.

haha sorry for swearing by the way just annoyed that all my missions now take 3 hours longer lol its gonna be a long night

Hey it doesn't bother me, swear all you want!

Sorry if I sounded preachy. I played a lot of ARMA 2 and got tired of the AI standing up WAY too much in stealth. Now it looks like they're finally addressing the issue, maybe.

Hence this ticket:

downvoted, that's how it works

try it yourself then... and you tell me u wont notice them over using crouch... hell its rare they go prone or stand up

its just like it is, if a soldier is prone, he'd better stay there without moving, because if you want to move sthealthy you'd better crouch walk

i still disagree, i was talking to my brother who is in the british army....
he laughed so hard when i told him what the AI are doing!

in stealth you use a mixture of stances depending on the situation and enviroment.
so if there is no enemy you are still moving and using all stances. if you are in a wooded enviroment such as woods... you are leap frogging and more alert as its perfect for an ambush.

in sighting of enemy soldiers movement is still available but the formation is more spread out. mostly using a combonation of crouch and prone.

if you are stealth in a city.. prone will be excluded out of the situation as there is no need for it. crouching and standing are mostly used.

stances change whenever the situation changes and purpose of the mission.
so if the mission is to be avoided you will be using different methods than rather say... silent infiltration eliminating enemy personnel.

in my eyes you have no information to back your comment up. i have sources of information for each combat mode if need be. now i can tell you crouching 90% of the time is deffenatly wrong.

You're not wrong tyl3r. But remember we're talking about AI. It's bad enough for the AI to be aware of their environment, let alone be able to interpret the situation. The more rules you try to make the AI follow, the more game performance is going to suffer, and the more bugs you're going to introduce.

I would think mostly using crouch stance even if they can't see enemies may be a good compromise, personally I'd rather they err on the side of caution than try to be 'smart'. It's about the best you can expect from the AI, and playing under an AI superior will probably always be hugely disappointing.

The good news is that as a squad leader, you can change your guys to 'aware' or tell them to stand up when no enemies are around. If you want to leapfrog through the woods, you can divide your group into teams and move them up accordingly. It's not perfect, but the controls are there.

aslong as they are not using 1 specific stance constantly thats all this ticket is about.

Fair enough...

Using my own argument against me you could argue that if you want them to stay crouched ALL the time then there's a command for that as well!

pettka said monday theres lots of "boons" so maybe gifts?

maybe some AI fixes (fingers crossed)

I dunno... where did he say that?

Probably just an airplane or something :P

Go on the dev branch discussion on forums

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