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units Missile specialist AA/AT do not fit in the unit interface in the editor
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when placing units go to blufor and scroll down to the missile specialists...

you will notice they do not fit in the scroll down menu making it annoying having to remember the top one is AA and bottom one is AT

why not rename them to AA specialist or AT specialist... Missile specialist is too over exaggerating its like calling an ordinary soldier... "advanced skilled human being with a gun and grenades" {F21092}


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go to editor
double click
unit scroll down to Missile Specialist...????

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either rename these silly names or make the scroll menu wider.

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"advanced skilled human being with a gun and grenades"

I LOLed.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 3:41 PM

lol i know why they dont keep it just like arma 2??? lol

orrr they can call it ANTI-TANK MISSILE LAUNCHER SPECIALIST and call the other


that screenshot is on interface size medium also

I also have it on medium. Is is different for larger interface sizes?

not really no and when it gets too big it dont look right lol

Yeah the cut off is annoying. /upvoted

OMAC added a subscriber: OMAC.May 7 2016, 3:41 PM

they really should just change the name.. look at the size difference below.

Missile Specialist [AA]
Missile Specialist [AT]

AA specialist
AT specialist

hmmm... difference much?

I guess AT specialist can also have AT mines but this particular one only has missiles so changing it to

AA Missile Specialist
AT Missile Specialist

Would probably be the easiest fix

very true hmmm what was it on arma 2 again???

and actually AT specialists do not have mines.
either the explosive specialist or an engineer of some sort.

but "AA Missile Specialist" will do just fine i suppose

Well I said "can have" which could be misleading for someone choosing a unit based on description.

i miss-read your post :( my bad

why on earth would someone downvote this and not explain why?


Maybe they like to play a guess game when selecting missile specialist?

probably correct.
if they want to guess they can close their eyes and choose while we have the corrected UI..


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This was fixed. The full name is now shown.