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AI in combat mode do not want to get up and stay prone all the time
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when in a firefight obviously in combat mode, you would expect the AI to move around a bit more getting to cover etc...

nope.. in this case they are prone 90% of the time and crawl everywhere so you can imagine it get bored waiting for the AI to catch up with you.

{F21086} {F21087} {F21088} {F21089} {F21090} {F21091}


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Steps To Reproduce

place 2 groups in editor roughly 400-600m away from eachother (1 blufor 1 opfor)
create waypoints for both groups so they collide
make each waypoint combat mode
preview (team leader)

you will notice that the AI are now ground huggers

Additional Information

they should be able to get up and move while crouched etc... like we would do.

i find this very important to get fixed as all AI battles are now "come on..."

*latest beta 26-7-13*

[EDIT] i have attached a simple example test mission, please extract and save to your (my documents, arma3, missions) folder and load editor and preview
you will notice AI crawl far too much!

if you change waypoint to stealth they like to crouch again

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uploaded screenshots

i've noticed this in the Dev build too, seemed extra-crawley, even when no enemies were detected (way over a hill top, but that information wasn't available, nor any triggered on it). had to force them repeatedly to stand-up, wouldn't follow orders to copy my stance either.

there are times i wish the AI units would just follow their leader and run flatout into combat, 1 or 2 units alternately providing cover fire if required. instead often they all want to stop, go prone and engage

They might ask for a repro mission in addition to those screens...

"Copy my stance" really means "do whatever you feel is best given current combat mode." Don't ask me why.

I don't know how much AI should crawl while in combat mode, or how fast they should cover 400m in combat mode, because for all AI know they are in combat or will be at any second. But this ticket may be a decent compromise:

i can attach a mission file if needed
just play it and you will see. just a note though its a mission in progress kind of thing to bare with me lol

[EDIT] its not letting me upload my editor file? do i need to export it or something???

ok i will throw something together

Upvoted, would love to see AI run to cover (and from cover to cover) instead of being prone all the time

mission uploaded and ticket updated

for those who need to see this happen just download the file and place into your documents arma 3 missions folder and then load on editor

can someone download and confirm my mission is good enough for a repro

I tested out the repro mission and they definitely seemed like they were going to crawl all the way to the waypoint destination. This was with an AI squad leader. Maybe this intended behavior or part of the WIP, idk.

I tried setting myself as the squad leader and the AI seemed to behave as they always did: only going prone sometimes.

EDIT: I misspoke, when giving AI a move order as squad leader, they did not stay prone. No change otherwise.

that would explain why my squad was infront of all the others and got butchard by the enemy who were funny enough eating the dirt ;)

also try it again but put the waypoint on stealth

uploaded 2 more photo's with me a squad leader.

i ran to that waypoint and they were still where they started

Oh you know what, I gave them a move order to the waypoint when I tested it. If they follow you to the waypoint they stay prone just as much it seems.

like you said maybe its WIP i wish they put this down as a known issue :(

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