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SDV controls preset under control options
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I think The SDV need control presets under controls if possible,because I use my logitec g25 racing wheel for all my driving on arma games and barley use my key board at all,and would like to use it for the sdv.Boats register as vehicle,but the sdv doesnt register as one I think,because it has the dive and raise option so can we please have preset for subs,and thanks in advance


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Check in editor every day still no support

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Thank You Guys Great Game

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This is bugging me too. Im lefthanded and have some keys, like the swim up swim down keys, remapped for better accessibility. for the SDV im stuck with the default cotrols wich is kind of annoying.

upvoted. We need mor sub-menues in the option-section.
Would like to see something like:
-On foot

I like to thank everyone for the support lets get this fixed

I would personally like to see something like this:
<Common> chat/radio channels, editor shortcuts etc.
<Infantry> infantry movement, stances, weapon handling.
<Land Vehicles> For all Land vehicles such as Cars, APCs, IFVs, MBTs, and ATVs.
<Helicopters> for all helicopters such as the AH99/MI48.
<Fixed Wing Aircraft> for all planes/jets such as the F35(if it's in the game).
<Ships> For all boats and ships.
<Underwater> For Divers and the Seal Delivery Vehicle(SDV).

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Upvote and let's add the parachute control or link it to the AIR section. There is some remapping functionality in the USERName.Arma3profile.
You can edit it with notepad. You will recognize the submarine keys about a third down.

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