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Sensitivity of HeadTrack should get reduced when aimming down a sight
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Aimming down and look around with HeadTrack(TrackIR,FreeTrack,FaceTrack...ect.) is a great thing in the game. However, sometime it's a little tricky when trying to aimming with it.
You see, in real life, we have our cheek lay down the stock (Cheek rest to be precise),thus we can hold the sight line steady. we don't have such things for a headtrack users however, and the sensitivity of those devices are normally set for a full 360deg view within less than 20deg of head rotating.
So, just lower the sensitivity when aimming down a sight,maybe 1/3 or 1/4 of it's original value would be reasonable.


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Use a HeadTrack,look around with/without aimming down a sight.

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ArmA1 and ArmA2 have different sensitivity to a freetrack, actually I have to use different profile with different sensitivity and curves for these games(while ArmA3 feels the same with ArmA2). So there seems to be some vaule of sensitivity in the game after The trackIR\FreeTrack interface, and this is the vaule should be changeable.
And maybe more reduce for a powerd 3D-Scope, since it's even harder for a HeadTrack user see:

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