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Player and AI voices cannot be silenced using the "radio" setting (
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Setting the "Radio" slider to 0 in the audio configuration used to silence the player and AI. With dev build the player and AI voices are heard no matter what this "Radio" slider is set to.


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Adjust the "Radio" slider in the audio configuration all the way to the left. Run game, listen to the player and AI voices which should have been silenced.

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This issue is even more annoying because the player voice is still unable to be changed, regardless of which speaker is selected in the profile editor. So now you're stuck listening to the default American voices of you and your squad no matter what.

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Unable to reproduce in both versions. Can you try it in today's stable build please? New stable build is already on Steam at this time. Thank you.

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I think this new behaviour is now classified as a "feature" according to dev branch discussion on the BIS forum.

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i cannot change voice either... and the 3d voice sounds like radio just without the radio effects :/ hmm need more fluency to them

and to be a tiny bit louder i was stadning 2m away from someone and i could hardly hear them shouting.

This is especially annoying when I'm playing in a team vs team game. Many times, my character (or one of my teammates') will automatically call out contacts before we've spotted them, even in the dark. It ruins the fun to not be able to disable this like you could in Arma 2.