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Wrong gun caliber on Keltec RFB
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The Keltec RFB in game is showing the caliber as 5.56. Keltec does not make this rifle in 5.56 instead it is suppose to be .308 or 7.62x51 NATO. It's a funny mess up and is an easy fix. :) {F21045}


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Actually is intentional. The SDAR is a modified rfb to fire supercavitating rounds underwater, in 5.56 (this is the UW ammo on the hud, I think).

There is no such thing as a KELTEC SDAR. No history of such modification as well. The rifle itself is unable to support the round because of the magazine. They are fit with a .308/7.62x51 magazines. Putting 5.56 into a .308 magazine causes Failure To Load and Jams. It's the wrong gun for the job. It's not modifiable to carry STANAG magazines as well due to the magazine well. It's purposefully manufactured for 7.62x51 or .308.

Please stop butchering guns for the sake of what someone thinks a gun can be modified to. Even if you could change the chamber to 5.56 (which you could by swapping out the barrel) the whole bullpup design/chasis of the gun would have to be changed, cut up, and then have a new magazine well designed for the gun to accept 5.56 STANAG magazines. This would make the gun not worth it to even have.

In actuality it is a dream gun in a Military Simulator...

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It's a fictional rifle that looks like the RFB.

Simply dismiss it because of someone's fictional desire...

It's a real round but isn't capable of fitting into such a LARGE magazine. If you knew anything about calibers and how the mechanics work on firearms you wouldn't simply throw it out. It's a failed "fictional gun" and I can guarantee that this "fictional gun" would malfunction 99.9% of the time due to the .308 magazine in it with feeding 5.56.

Smaller rounds going into large magazines tilt and cause jams! PERIOD!

Not to mention how the RFB ejects is through a tube above the handguard. Under water would not work in full auto due to is FTE (Failure to eject). Water slows the bolt and the timing of the rifle down. You would end up getting issues where the bolt carrier is bringing the next round forward while the other spent shell hasn't gone into the tube causing the spent shell to simply jam the gun.

I don't care. They made it use a different caliber and renamed it. End of story.

Ignorance is bliss...

How about adding the 7.62x51 variant to the game as well. Since it is a very good battle rifle and having it only for land.

Okay, let me start over. The rifle was like this in the alpha. It was like this in the beta for about a month. And now you come here and you want them to change the caliber. I'm sorry, but I think it's a bit too late and it was a design choice to make it 5.56.

Okay, well it's an illogical design choice to choose the RFB... but I can get over that...

My answer is... Yes change it to .308. !This link has the rounds in .308!

All I am asking is for them to correct it to .308 or 7.62x51 then they can get away with have the RFB in .308 with longer range and better ballistics especially since there is a round available for use in .308 with supercavitating. I really don't care if the gun can or cannot be used under water just label the gun correctly.


for reference.

BI made this decision even prior to release of the alpha. The SDAR was shown as the underwater weapon at the first E3 demonstration three years ago (Has it really been that long?). People complained then, but they stuck with the gun. It's not great, but I think there are more important issues, or other minor issues that are more easily adressed that have a much bigger impact on the game.

A gun is a gun is a gun is a gun.

Edit: Changing it to 7.62 would be simple too, however, that would make things complicated for the other weapons that use the 5.56 DP ammo (Tavor, MK20)


5.56 DP? As in dual purpose? Since when do the TAR and Mk20 use dual purpose ammo?

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