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AI Request - Fire Command for Vehicles changes
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Currently, Missiles and MBT main guns can be commanded to fire with ctrl + left mouse, while cannon/mg cannot be commanded to open fire definitively. Based on some research and review of behaviour ingame, I want to make the following request.

-Set normal fire mode from "open fire" to "hold fire".
-When assigning target, ctrl + left will make the AI open fire even if he can´t observe the target, and no matter his weapons system (maybe apart from missiles).
-He will continue engaging the assigned target until told to hold fire.
-When AI cannot observe the target directly, he will engage the rough area of the target when told to fire nontheless. He will continue to engage until told to hold fire.

The IRL procedure is as follows:

Commander to Gunner: "Target, Tank in the open, load Sabot" (irl Commander uses Turret override to point gun towards target but ingame uses clock bearing)

Gunner reports he has identified the Target by calling "Identified!" (Supplant with the usual box and diamond marks on the GUI ingame.)

Commander to Gunner: "Fire"

Gunner: "On the way!" -> Gunner begins to engage Target with Sabot UNTIL TOLD BY COMMANDER TO STOP.

Commander observes target and when he considers it destroyed: "Target neutralised, Seize Fire!" (Only NOW does the Gunner stop to engage with Sabot)

When assigning a new target while commanded to "Fire", Gunner will not revert to hold fire mode, unless told to use a missile. All other weapons systems will be employed until target is destroyed and gunner has been told to hold fire.

Video reference supplied below. This would make engaging especially with Autocannon and MG much easier, since now even at short distances of 1000 meters, AI gunners will often not positively identify a static and passive enemy Target, even a Vehicle. I will supply a repro mission if necessary.


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Enabling area engagement with AI tank gunners by enabling the Player to force the AI to open fire even without having a clearly identified target, if the Player has clearly ID'd said target anyway.

Especially Cannon and MG cannot be forced to be fired, unless player switches to Gunner position himself, which is an unsatisfying solution.

Additional Information

Videos supplied are from a Training film of the US Army, concerning Tank engagement procedure on the M551, but these are similar for all Tanks. I know that the procedure detailed above was used in the 70s/80s in the German Army, and I think Arma can take an Update. <- IRL procedure for engaging with MG (This should not have changed much, the procedure has only been supplemented by modern sensors.) <- Engaging with main gun. Note that Gunner continues to engage target until told by commander to explicitly seize engaging.

Secondary request would be a Commander Turret override (Possibly by holding right mouse on target and clicking left mouse, causing the turret to be forced onto the target.) Not as important as Firing procedure changes, however.

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Very nice suggestion. Would make you really feel like a part of a tank team. /upvoted

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