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Defend Kamino mission: GREENFOR team has wrong caliber magazines for pistols
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After the patch that changed ACP-C2 pistol from 9mm to .45, the loadouts of GREENFOR units were not changed accordingly.

A minor bug, but a bug nevertheless.


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  1. Star Defend Kamino mission as GREENFOR squad member.
  2. Notice that your pistol has 0 ammo available, and you got few 9mm mags in your pockets.
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No offense, but in my opinion it's easier to count things that are NOT broken in this mission. This bug just happens to be one of them that's easier to reproduce and fix. The idea of the mission is great, there's just some game breaking bugs on every X number of playthroughs as well as strange design choices*.

*(Why on earth are you rewarded for more and better quality gear for dying in later waves? Scavenging for ammo and gear becomes nearly pointless.)


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Fixed some time ago

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