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Unable to bind left windows key to any control set, even after it has been disabled in Windows
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I have been using a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 gaming keyboard with ArmA 3 since Alpha release. Since then, I have been able to disable the start menu hotkey and use my left windows key as as a key binding in both ArmA 2:CO and ArmA 3 Alpha.

I am unaware whether this feature has been disabled on Bohemia titles across the board in an update, but now, I cannot bind left windows key to ANY Bohemia titles controls (ArmA 2: CO, Take On Helicopters and lastly, ArmA 3 BETA-both dev and non-dev)

Other games I own, recognise the left windows key as a binding perfectly, but unfortunately not in any Bohemia games. I have scoured the internet, performed registry edits to redirect the windows key as an available hotkey, executed scripts using "Autohotkey" and even just outright disable the key with no prevail. It seems it is a problem from the developers end, not the clients.


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Steps To Reproduce

Use any gaming keyboard (with the ability to disable the start menu from opening by the left windows button) in ANY Bohemia Interactive title (ArmA 3 BETA

Then try and bind the left windows key to any control set in ArmA 3, nothing appears, nothing registers.

Yet the left windows key is still functional in other games/in windows.

Additional Information

Maybe an update to the .CFG files will rectify the issue. My keyboard is 100% functional, but dwindles in Bohemia games.

The key number (for the left Windows key) in ArmA.CFG files is {219}

A simple problem must come with a simple fix.
Thank you very much for your time to read this (if you made it this far!)

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