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Player DIES when walking on cliffside / Rocks. (tested in current dev build)
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While Attempting to walk on the side of the cliff near the hidden cave, you'll start to slide on the cliffs for no reason at all, then the player will get stuck or attempt to run out, he will do one of 2 things.

  1. Die from the rock/cliff making him slide his side into another rock.
  1. Die from falling Inside the rock/cliff and fall to a never ending doom.

So please, PLEASE, Remesh the cliffs so we can STOP SLIDING TO OUR DOOM! The island is build out of TONS And TONS of cliffs and Rocks, yet we can't even walk on them without DIEING!

There may be others like this one, but none as bad as this now, with it automatically pushing the player and now making them fall forever, this needs to be fixed out faster, I mean, the whole side of the island is mainly covered in these rocks, yet we can even stand on them without it glitching the game out?


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Grid number?

Watch the video, it shows the area, its all by the secret cave..

But where's the secret cave?

That's the secret part.

No seriously, dude. WHERE. IS. IT?

You can YouTube it. But its secret, shhh so secret.

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Collisions of rocks should be improved.

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