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Cannot add magazine to player inventory with addItem command
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The addItem command does not work for adding magazines to player's inventory.
However, when you run commands such as uniformItems, or vestItems, or backpackItems ... it includes magazines in the results. This makes things very confusing. On one hand, you categorize magazines as items, but on the other hand you do not. Please make the behavior consistent.

Possible solutions:

  1. Do not return magazines as part of items
  2. Make the addItem command work for magazines


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Wait until you add uniform to a weapon holder. you can do it with addweapon or additem. One you can pick up and wear the other you can only take and put in your inventory. At the moment it is all confusing add to it that PUT and TAKE event handlers are broken on top.

Does this work now?

Yes, it works. This ticket can be closed but there is another issue with uniform, I will make new ticket.

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