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Tires explode and don't get flat
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When we fire on a wheel, the tire explode. It's not real. It has first to be flat.
After, perhaps it can explode.


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nore infos please.

fire with what?

I know tires can pop or something like that, but how would explode without incendiary rounds?

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you can have flat tires, if you drive over rocks or hit something ;)

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The tire sinks into the ground, "flattening" the more damage it takes. The popping only occurs when the tire is at 0 hp.

What NodUnit said. It works just like in Arma2. You can shoot the tires and they deflate and sink into the ground the more you shoot them, until they are completely destroyed, this affects the vehicles speed aswell.

And maneuverability pending which tire you shoot.

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